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Any driver who honks at me when I’m driving the van with the signs on it reading: School Vehicle.  Today, I was waiting to turn left at a particularly irksome intersection (a couple of streets south of the QEW, two high schools at the corners, two other schools a block away in either direction, so lots of tense parents in cars, and lots of teenagers constantly stepping out into the street regardless of lights or self-preservation).  On the other side–a panel van and a pickup truck waiting to turn left.  Couldn’t see a damned thing.  Poked my nose out once–three school buses coming at me.  I decided I’d rather be cautious than risk the lives of the two children I was driving.

Woman in the giant-ass SUV behind me honked hell out of her horn at me.  I jumped–and idiotically nosed out a bit more, saw cars…not a clue how fast they were coming, and still couldn’t see one lane of traffic for the view being thoroughly blocked in front of me.  Eventually, turned safely on the yellow.

I figured that once the driver behind me saw the sign on the back of the van (SCHOOL VEHICLE), and on the side that she would see as I turned, that she would be thoroughly chagrined.  Yep–bet that’s why she followed me through the intersection (red light at that point) and tailgated me ALL THE WAY TO THE SCHOOL!  In her giant-ass SUV.

At the school, I pulled up to let the kids out where I usually do…so this woman pulled her giant-ass SUV up beside me, stopped briefly so she could stare me down.  What the–?!

Parks her giant-ass SUV, gets out, goes to the front to glare some more.  So, I lost my sense of humour, and when the kids were delivered to their teacher, I pulled the van over in the parking lot, down from this woman’s giant-ass SUV.  I walked to the back of the van and ostentatiously looked at the sign and announced to her, “The sign is still there–I assumed it must have fallen off and that’s why you thought it was okay to honk at me.”  She actually started yelling at me that I should lose my license because–I had so much time to turn and I didn’t take it!!  I pointed out that she was sitting in a vehicle significantly higher than mine and didn’t have my POV–and she actually screamed at me, “How dare you stop your van!  How dare you stop in the parking lot! How dare you talk to me!”

Never wanted to kick someone in the knees so badly.  Or her tires…but that would have hurt me more than her.

Here’s a clue–I don’t give a damn how angry it makes you, you realize the person in front of you is a school vehicle driving school children in a school zone, take your hand off your horn, your foot off the gas pedal, and calm the hell down.  Don’t endanger your children and my passengers with your tail-gating, road-ragey temper.