And so the articles have begun…”The Top Ten Presents NOT To Give”, “How to be Nice not Naughty When GiftGiving”. “Presents Your Children Will Really Love”.

I don’t think I even need to type more than that…

Oh! Except there’s a variant–I hate, hate, HATE those articles that try to pretend that they’re acknowledging the greed of Christmas gifts and explain how the author “teaches” their children the “message” of Christmas…if I read one more stupid piece of advice by some well-intentioned mother (who has never heard that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions…most wrapped in Christmas paper”), Arghh!  The advice is along the lines of “the weeks before Christmas, I explain to the children that they need to go through their toys and pick out ones to give away to less fortunate children. That way, when they get new toys on Christmas they will appreciate them more.” It’s always some variation of “make the kids give away old toys in order to get new toys”.

Here’s my thought–if your kids are giving away anything other than toys that are not age-appropriate, or broken…your kids must have too many damned toys and maybe they just don’t need any this year.  You don’t HAVE to give kids piles of stuff every year.  It always makes me think of the horrible Harry Potter cousin and his birthday presents (every year there had to be one more present than the year before).


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