…the Christmas season

is that everyone keeps rushing it every year.  Today, driving in the van, putting on the stupid “easy-listening” station that is nice and safe and respectable for the school children to listen to as I drive them to their homes (I’m a driver for special needs kids), the dj loudly proclaimed that now it’s “Toronto’s Christmas Music Station”.  I laughed.  I thought he meant…in like a week or so.  At least not until December 1.  And, at least only one or two songs.  I didn’t know he meant every bloody song would be a Christmas song.

Another month of this?  I have to get a stack of cds to take into the van with me to keep me safe and sane.


One response to “…the Christmas season

  1. Poor K. Just mix and mingle to a jingling beat because Santa Claus comes tonig– Oh…. Now I get it.

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